Enough space for new projects

- flexible and customer-focused

Almost 200 employees are located at three production plants. The headquarter is located at Westhausen-Lippach in South Germany. At a production area of about 5.000 m² various parts and assemblies are manufactured in a weight range of 100 grams to 100 kilograms. The focus is directed on the machining with state-of-the-art CNC-Machining Centers. Furthermore multi-stage manufacturing processes are installed, which are extended to the automatically mounting of high-precise assemlies.      

The production plant at Eberswalde in the North-east of Germany was established in 2010 especially to create new capacities for ambitious automotive projects. The ultra-modern machinery with maximum degree of automation and specially developed process flows allows the efficient mass production at the highest technical level. On current 7,000 m² several thousand complex function modules are made daily, which we supply ready to install directly into the process chains at various automotive manufacturers worldwide.

In September 2015, the starting signal for the first production site in USA was given. In a record time of only six months a 4,000 square meter factory with production area and office building was created in Auburn, Alabama. Just a few weeks after the start-up of the first production equipment serial production was launched. The site Auburn is ideally located to supply to North American customers directly.

Time lapse - Schmidt Automotive USA LT