Process technology as a core competence

- Economical and reliable

Turning and Milling are still the key processes at Schmidt. The machinery is tailored to the particular product segment. Thus we find at Schmidt always the right manufacturing facility . State of the art CNC machines are in use with one, two or four machining spindles arranged horizontally or vertically depending on the component.

True to the motto new project - new challenge we have integrated over the years a lot of exciting production technologies in our process chains. This includes, for example, rotary swaging and axial forming. Characteristic of these forming processes is the effective use of materials. Within a few seconds we are able to form a shaft with complex external and internal geometry starting just with a pre-cutted pipe segment.

We are very proud of our own gear production. There, the process chain starts with the machining of forged blanks or soft machining from solids followed by soft toothing. The hard machining and grinding is also performed on highly modern production facilities at our factory. Multipart splitt gears are also mounted by specially designed assembling machines.

For the most components further processes follow such as induction hardening, high-precision grinding or surface finishing.  Great attention is paid also to the cleaning process. Only if we meet the strict requirements here, our customer gets a component which is ready to install and thus the maximum customer benefit is garanteed.