Bringing together what belongs to

- Individual and function-oriented

The whole is more than the sum of its parts - that fact is nowhere more evident than in our automated assembling processes. We just use special machinery which is tailored to the product. After planning and installing the machines we are focussed on the continous improvement of each operation.

A key role is played by the process monitoring, especially for high automated assembly operations with a daily output volume of several thousand units around the clock.

In our factories thousands of camshaft tubes are welded daily. Based on the permanent monitoring of the welding process uses specially tuned sensors we ensure our high quality standards day by day. Although the mounting of components just take a few seconds each operation is monitored. The parameters are analysed and recorded. Especially at very sensitive assembly processes, we can guarantee the traceability over the years by the direct assignment of process parameters to the finished assembly.

Integrated into the process chain are usually upstream and downstream automatic operations such as laser marking, measuring and cleaning of the components. 

There is not a single assembly that leaves our plant without an individual identification number – usually as Data Matrix code. Combined with an extensive archiving of process parameters, we can ensure a consistent traceability for years.