Full responsibility

- for developing and producing

As a system supplier of complex assemblies, we are already assuming responsibility in the early development phase. We actively support the development process of our customers in finding the best solution concerning manufacturing and function, in the simulation of load conditions and in prototype testing. This kind of cooperation enables us to understand the functionality and allows us to respond specifically and competently to customer needs.

So the customer benefits from the extensive experience at Schmidt in manufacturing and assembling of functional modules - for example ready to install balancer systems.  The complete identification and traceability of the assembly and all its single components is granted - especially in mass production a thousand times every day.

As a part of our sub-supplier management, we assume responsibility for all items and thereby relieve our customers directly in all fields of parts management. This includes the entire procurement process and the quality management, to name only the most important. In agreement with our suppliers, we assume not only the design and development of functional and process-oriented forgings and castings. As a system supplier of complex assemblies we are escecially responsible for the unconditional fulfillment of lifetime requirements, for example by the use of roller bearings.